Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Endless Negotiations

One day when you suddenly realized that you could not bear negotiating anything in Chinese with anybody about anything anymore, you know you just had it enough.

Yes, after a whole month of practicing my negotiation skills and patience, tired, frustrated, exhausted and beaten up, I have reached my limit.   

Negotiation is involved in pretty much everything here in China.  And, don't take this lightly.  Compared to taking trips to China, actually living here pushes one to a whole new level of battlefield. 

Everything requires negotiation, re-negotiation and endless-negotiation here.

To hire an agent to clear the custom, you negotiate.
To make sure things get done, you negotiate and constantly follow up. 
To apply for a living permit with the local police, you negotiate.
To clear the custom with the government officials, you negotiate.
To figure out the amount of import tax to pay, you once again negotiate.  

If finally you could not afford either the time or the energy on the negotiations anymore, USD300 is the average price you pay to avoid each trial. 

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