Saturday, April 23, 2011

Touring the Bond ( ShangHai) with Mom and Dad

Year 2008-09



说点我家三人的家常。老妈嘛,按照我家马老者(我对我爸的昵称),95%的时候可以用三个词语概括 - 嘻嘻哈哈, 马马虎虎, 糊里糊涂。但是我家老妈偶尔冒出一两句颇具哲理的批语,常常把我惊得一呆一呆的。

我妈:“我看你, 又要忙工作,又要做好吃的,还要把你的房子打扫干净,辛苦啊。”
难得我妈今天这么理解我, 我感动呀。马上说:"妈,你也很勤劳嘛。”
还没等我张口向我妈倾诉倾诉, 我妈继续:“不过呢,你这样身体上虽累一点,但心不累呀。身体累点没关系,不劳心就行。“

我妈马上反驳:" 怎么是你爸的功劳?我才是家里勤劳的那一位。再说了,女儿是我生的,能让你爸沾个光就不错了。“
我赶紧弥补错误,争取把损失降低到最低点:"对, 对。。我爸没有功劳,功劳都是你的。”

According to my dad, at least 95% of the time mom is funny, happy, a great-companion but a little bit clueless. Occasionally, my mom does pull some suede comments out from no where, which often surprises both my dad and me a great deal.
Here is our conversation over the phone today.
Mom:” Hey, all those cakes and western food you made these days look pretty nice. Do they actually taste good?”
Me (always ready to brag):” Of course, they do. They are both tasty and highly presentable.”
Mom (with a sigh):” You are a pretty hard-working girl.”
Me (surprised. wow, how come my mom appreciates me this much today?!):”Yeah, I made cake yesterday. Today, I am going to make some traditional Chinese food for Chris to try. When I get home, I am also going to tidy up the panty.”
Mom:” Hmm…you must feel pretty busy everyday. You need to work, cook and clean the house.”
Me (continue to feel surprised…):” Mom, you are very busy everyday too.”
Mom:” But, I don’t have the wacky habits you do. I don’t think I can deal with your rules of flat sheets, no mix-matching tea-cups and coffee-mugs. Don’t you think your habits may tire you out unnecessarily?”
Me (about to explain to her my thoughts):”….”
Mom:” You know what, if you don’t stick with your wacky stuff, you might feel more tired. It’s OK to feel tied physically, better than feeling tired mentally.”
Me (deal God, my mom can be wise sometimes!)

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