Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Practice the Ancient Chinese Wisdom at Work

One of the most quoted Chinese wisdom is “being peaceful”.  It’s a stage when one is peaceful in the heart, peaceful in one’s language, peaceful in one’s actions. 

The bottom line of that wisdom is that you need to be patient in China.  And, if you work in Tencent, you need to be extremely patient. 

Why?  Because almost everywhere you go, everything you do, you need to wait in line.  So, we get plenty of opportunities to practice the Chinese wisdom at work.

In the morning, we wait in line to  get onto the elevator.  

During the lunch break, we wait in line to go to the café;then we wait in line to get food; as the last step, we wait in line to take the elevator again to go back to the office

During the dinnertime, repeat the above proces.

At night, mostly around 11:00pm, we wait in line to catch a taxi to go back home. Yes, I am not kidding.  Every night, there is a line of taxi waiting outside of the office building to take people home.  Very organized with security people outside guiding the traffic. 

Now, I can pretty much predict, after working in Tencent for 2 years, I would either become a saint, or become completely crazy. 

We will find out…

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